The Collection


The Turing Collection

The Turing Collection is an outstanding suite of Original Prints by Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, representing some of the foremost graphic images of our age. They record in extraordinary creative detail the life and work of mathematician, famed genius, and philosopher, Alan Turing.

Both Paolozzi and Turing are icons of their age and the combination of thought and creativity captured in this stunning portfolio has already made a significant impression in the art world.

This is the final set of prints in The Turing Collection from PrintEditions and is presented for your appreciation and enjoyment, with the opportunity for you to purchase your own unique art collection in honour of “the father of computer science”


Original Prints

The Turing Collection is comprised of Original Prints. They are quite unlike reproductive prints in that the works are created through the printmaking processes and are not copies of an image evolved in another medium.

Original prints directly reflect the artist’s handwork and have a power and presence that cannot be imitated. The prints are drawn by the artist and proofed, modified and editioned under the artists supervision. Each individual colour is applied separately to build the artists image. Each printed sheet is then signed by the artist, numbered and dated and finally blind-stamped with the issuing studios insignia.

Only the best available handmade or mould made papers should be used. The paper is usually chosen by the artist, are of substantial weight and acid free. The particular characteristics of each paper are used in the making of the image; the surface can add texture, the sizing may make the image ‘sit up’ or ‘sink down’ into the fibres.

The pigments are chosen for a high level of lightfastness. Whilst no pigment is totally resistant to the effects of light, due care in the selection of pigments in conjunction with the purity of paper will ensure a long life for the original prints.